Build Hope, Make Change With Tech

In BYTE, we don't just build young tech entrepreneurs, we make a change and serve as catalysts of the future.

We aim to equip the Filipino youth with Tech Literacy.

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As a community, we provide opportunities in crafting solutions that addresses problems encountered by our fellows.

Different gears work as a system leading to great impact. In BYTE our gears are the Hackers, Hipsters and Hustlers.

BYTE is the Atenean Organization that focuses on startup awareness and execution through modern practices.

Grow with us through these projects.

We spark initiatives that aim to inspire the youth, and give a platform to enact positive change.

Startup Summit

With speakers from Notion, Datacamp, and more, Startup Summit provides learnings to jumpstart your dream. You're in for a ride!

Startup Summit
Startup Summit
Startup Summit

Make memories with our awesome comm-YOU-nity!

Forge unforgettable moments with BYTE — ones that you'll always cherish.

Member Pic
Member Pic
Member Pic

Meet your future wedding guests, grad trip mates and eating buddies! It's rarely a dull moment here with us!

Find those friends you'll struggle and thrive with! Either in academics, leisure, or projects, we gotchu!

Nadine Wong

"The culture fostered by BYTE's members has always been very welcoming, friendly, and inclusive and when it's time to work, the Bits are still fun yet dependable. I've met so much people I've been able to learn from and enjoy college with in BYTE. " - Nadine Wong


There are no better startup partners than people who hold you accountable. You might meet them here in BYTE!


Get those brain juices going!